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In this area, you will find videos added by Vampire Passions members. These videos may be Vampire related or they may be videos of the members themselves, or they may just be videos the members particularly like. We also have an area for Vampire specific videos instead of member specific videos.

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Title: Joker\'s Song

Submitted by: craftswitch

Title: Little Sister

Submitted by: craftswitch

Title: The Mind Of The Bat

Submitted by: craftswitch

Title: Rasputin vs Stalin ERB!

Submitted by: craftswitch

Title: More geetar!!

Submitted by: pictiwolf

Title: Me ..Wee Jam in da hoose

Submitted by: pictiwolf

Title: Widows Walk

Submitted by: 5eptember

Title: Pipins Song

Submitted by: 5eptember

Title: Jolly Sailor Bold

Submitted by: 5eptember

Title: Avengers

Submitted by: markymerl

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