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Bisexual Cisgender Female
Vampire Passions Members

  • srose21
  • I'm a young fun loving woman that loves to explore the darker things that life has to offer.
  • 22 years old | Cottage Grove, MN, USA

  • freakxonaxleash
  • 30 years old | City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • nyxit
  • I like music, literature, films, and warm beverages.
    Dislikes: anyone who lacks empathy, sympathy, and humanity.
    I’ve loved vampires since I was 7. I think they’re very neat and interesting and I would love to get to know one.
  • 20 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • clubb01
  • 19 years old | Louisville, KY, USA

  • moonwitchie26
  • Ello's I'm Julia a fun, sweet, quirky human girl looking for a vampire lover somewhere in the United States willing to come to me. I love cats, Anime, stuffed animals, hot cocoa, mountain dew. I prefer the night as the day is just too hot and bright for me to handle. I love Reading and Writing Stories, I draw a little and I'm ok at it. Family is a big thing for me and will most of the time be my #...
  • 27 years old | Missoula, MT, USA

  • pezze234
  • I’m nerdy and out going. I love Phantom of the Opera and old classic films (1930s-50s) like Dracula, Frankenstein, Invisible man, and etc. Im obsessed with the addams family (old tv show and 1990s movies). I also like classic literature as well. I do like to dress up and make costumes as well mostly for comics but I want to make some Victorian era dresses.

  • 23 years old | Fairfield, CT, USA

  • avivav
  • I'm a 18 years old woman. I'm bisexual and absolutely hate creeps. I'm mostly here to meet new vampires and get to know them. If you're rude don't even try to talk to me, if you're not, feel free to hit me up.
  • 19 years old | Paris, France

  • chaosincarnate
  • Straight shooting, I'm looking to affirm a life long belief in vampires.
  • 30 years old | Parker Crossroads, TN, USA

  • mastrieo
  • I am looking to become a vampires
  • 28 years old | Chennai, India

  • princess7630
  • Looking for friendship chat relationship
  • 21 years old | Batesburg, SC, USA

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