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Bisexual Two-spirit
Vampire Passions Members

  • kitty1995
  • hi how are you
  • 26 years old | Southwick, United Kingdom

  • moonwitchie26
  • Ello's I'm Julia a fun, sweet, quirky human girl looking for a vampire lover somewhere in the United States willing to come to me. I love cats, Anime, stuffed animals, hot cocoa, mountain dew. I prefer the night as the day is just too hot and bright for me to handle. I love Reading and Writing Stories, I draw a little and I'm ok at it. Family is a big thing for me and will most of the time be my #...
  • 27 years old | Missoula, MT, USA

  • harleysnow18
  • I'm a psycho. Think you can handle me?
  • 19 years old | Nuneaton, United Kingdom

  • mystinell
  • 25 years old | Abanda, United States