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Posted:     Post subject: RELATIONSHIPS? WILL ATTEMPT...EVIL GRIN....

Ok, not really haveing any success in romantic relationships I will give you the relation between Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction...(hey it doesnt specify romantic relationships..just relationships)

The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics are closely related. The Law of Attraction states that we manifest reality through our thoughts and intentions. And not surprisingly, the Law of Attraction can be explained by quantum physics.

Currently, the most overlooked and misunderstood branch of science is quantum physics. Quantum physics looks deeply into the fabric of our reality and attempts to explain how the micro affects the macro and to understand the secret of law of attraction.

While quantum physics is still not complete, due to the lack of tools to see deep enough to know everything, what has been discovered so far is sufficient to understand the law of attraction in the thought world

One of the most interesting discoveries of quantum physics is that matter can behave like a particle or a wave. Let me explain. A particle is solid matter - it can only be in one place at a time, and you can always pinpoint its location. A wave, however, is not a finite point.

Now what quantum physics found is that when firing very small particles called electrons through two slits, if the electrons were observed while going through the slits, then they acted as particles. Each electron picked one slit, went through it, and hit the screen on the back.

The result after firing hundreds or thousands of these was a two-slit pattern. However, if the electrons were NOT observed while going through the slits, they created a large interference pattern on the screen behind, which is the pattern caused by a wave. In addition, the pattern showed interference from the slits, which further proves that the electrons passed through the slits as a wave, and not as solid particles.

So what does that mean for us?

Our act of observation, thought, and emotion affect the world. When scientists attempted to watch an electron and decide where it would go, they found that wherever the observer expected it to show up is where it would show up. The implications of this are equally huge - our expectations, thoughts and beliefs literally form the world around us on a subatomic scale!
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July 23, 2009
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`lmao! always with the funny. my gear is still frozen,not really but ,you could always freeze it again for me!

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July 21, 2009
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`so almost an entire year has gone by since I last posted to this forum... firehawk..if u ever read this.... like ive said im glad we have remained friends through everything. I wish you well in all your endevors and hope you dont really freeze your *ss off in Montana,lol!
ive entered into another ... relationship,as many of you know. but it seems things change,for whatever reason,sometimes for good other itmes not so good. I try not to live doing the same destructive behaviors,yet,find myself asking it really just me? and i answr myself.. no i dont think so,the madness created is.... well madness! how i can wake up happy and cheerfull and because of one little responce to something he asked me we end up arguing for litterally hours.. why? because it is beyond me... no matter what i say or how it is said.. he takes offense to it. says why am I treating him this way.. wtf???????? i had just half a second before apologized for raisingmy voice.. yet it isnt good enough.. it turns into 100 different other things that wernt even brought up. he said she said... he wants ME to be the one to tell him to leave... he only wants to hear what he wants to hear. no ones opinion or feelings matter yet he calls me psycologically abusive whenI cant even open my mouth to speak for him interupting me,and calling me rude and saying i dont remember what i say. so i end up in tears.. frustration,anger,sadness...says Im manipulating,and twisting his words,yet how can that be when I cant even get a word out.
so finally hes exhausted himself,and I have closed my mouth and refused to speak or look him in the eye,which engered him and he tells me im..IM the abusive one by my actions,acting abused..ACTING ABUSED???????????? that I want to co to couseling just for some therapist to tell me he is abusive and weeman and I dont need to be around him..I cant even say that isnt true,he wont let me begin or end anythign I try to say..... he throws up his hands,then walks away.. then returns,physically makes me look at him by turning my face to his, apologises for everything and kisses me,with chew in his mouth,then gets mad cause I pull away because it smells and tastes horrible,then takes offense to that.i try to explain,he says your right,im wrong, i should know better,ciggerettes,chewing tobaco,dorritos,what elles cant I put in ym mouth around you. as tears well back up in my eyes he goes to our bed and falls back asleep. this goes on almost daily..... i know in my heart it will never work,no matter how much i want to believe its just the pain hes in and the medication,nop matter what his friends say that it will pass. i can feel my heart slipping silently backwards..back behind its walls,the old responces are returning.. nevr turn your back,keep your enemy where u can see him.. its not a good feeling,not a good way to live. but financially im stuck... there is no alternative for now. so i stay on guard. save what i can salvage...and pray...

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