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Posted:     Post subject: Hello!

Hey guys! I'm Damien. Funny story, um, I had NO idea this was like, a dating site. I was looking for roleplay forums and came up and that lead me here. Haha, so yeah. I feel like I'm the only one on here looking for a roleplay buddy. But, ya know, if you play Vampire the Masquerade or D&D or just freeform rp, hit me up. :D

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Posted:     Post subject:

`hey all my name is claire new here i am human and love being human so any vamps wanna meet up sure just no biting

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Posted:     Post subject: Hello

I want to introduced myself I just this site yesterday. I am looking froward to see what is out there. So stop by and let's chat.
I promise I won't bite. Very Happy [/b]

"Blood is the life"
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September 1, 2013
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PostPosted:     Post subject: shootin the breeze
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Greetings friends
my name is Darius and i am a 40 year old living vampyre
currently residing in Devon in the UK, and i have been a
vampyre for most of my life, internal feelings of difference
within society itself, it wasnt until i discovered Father
Sebastiaan and read his books, The Red Veils a book about the virtues of being a vampyre and The Vampyre Sanguinomicon-The lexicon of the Living Vampyre and a lot
of it just fell into place and for the first time i felt comfortable with my own identity.

The whole multi media presentation of Vampires has been
both a blessing and a curse, personally speaking has risen to some great vampire movies, starting in 1922 with Nosferatu since then the vampire has undergone many dramatic changes within the media creating great films like 30 days of Night, Daybreakers and Perfect Creature, but that has also risen to the outbreak of the Twilight phenominon, this has
divided vampires into 2 camps "Twilight fans"
and proper vampire enthusuausts, wether you agree about Edward Cullen et all, the Twilight movies has bought in a new
generation of would be vampires and the genre lives on
on to evolve into a new incarnation in the future.


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Posted:     Post subject:

`Hello I am new names Ashen or Rose,
I am a Vampyre have been all my life I don't believe someone can be changed we are born the way we were born. Also some live a lifestyle of the vampire which is okay with me. I have a family history of Pagan's I have Aunts and Cousins who are both Wiccans and Pagan's.

I have in the past drink blood but it's to hard to come by and to much work to find a donor. I stick to energy feeding and a natural diet. I'm looking for like minded people and maybe a relationship but not promising anything. I love long hair, black, and tattoos though I don't have any Haha. I write alot, and Gothic art is another one of my passions.

I don't like Twilight I think its a teenage girl with depression movie with over aged s----l behavior. I don't mind The Vampire Diaries though, my favorite vampire movie would be Interview With The Vampire and Dracula 1931 I also have read the books. I don't watch a lot of TV I'm more of a reader, call me old fashioned but I like using my brain power.

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