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  • museadelard

  • I am a Black Swan. I have been fascinated with vampires since I was very young and probably know more than any one girl should about them. I am looking for an eternal companion, friendship, possibly love. I am a Romantic and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ...
  • 24 years old | Eureka, Utah

  • nacturni66675

  • Im looking for a short/long term relationship for myself. However i am also looking for those who would like to start a coven. So please message me ...
  • 20 years old | Taylorsville, Utah

  • firestepher

  • Countess Chocula looking for her Count Chocula I love anything that has to do with vampires. I love The World of Darkness lore. If I were a clan based on my personality of Vampire The Masquerade I would be a Toreador or Tremere. I love Theatre and Acting. I have been an actor for Haunted Attractions for 20 years and love it. I love scaring people and being a bit on the strange quirky side. I a... ...
  • 40 years old | Salt Lake City, Utah

  • sarajaded

  • Vampires have every right to sparkle! I find it funny that people out there are so particular about a myth that has as many incarnations as there are cultures. *read the description of me on my profile* ...
  • 47 years old | West Jordan, Utah

  • trisexualgemini

  • Vampire Gemini bleeds I am looking for a beautiful vampire girl. I have been into vampires my whole life and would like to meet more people in this culture. ...
  • 35 years old | Taylorsville, Utah

  • dookiesr

  • Team Edward OMW... Ever since I read Twilight, and watched movies (multiple, multiple times) I have been a complete Vampire Addict. Twilight is my Bible, and I look forward to meeting others who are as enthusiastic about all things draculean. Don't suck, contact me. ...
  • 32 years old | All of Utah

  • nightmare666247
  • i sacrifice myself to you
    im here to find real female vampires that need a donor  ASAP ...
  • 29 years old | Salt Lake City, Utah

  • blueeyedgodess

  • Hey whats up? This is Amanda... I'm a cute BBW looking for my special someone... haha yeah I am also looking for friends. So hit me up I would love to talk to you! ...
  • 27 years old | All of Utah

  • samuelmarrott
  • Ask Me Anything ;)
    Ask Me Anything ;) My name is Sam I am 18, Ask me anything :) I will answer it, dont be scared to message me, Im usually up all night ...
  • 19 years old | 214 North Temple Condominium, Utah

  • ddmarine1217
  • 26 years old | Pleasant Grove, Utah

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